ETU Sports Teams included football, volleyball, tennis, basketball and athletics from 1960 to 1980, while American Football, Badminton, Cycling, Billiards, Bowling, Gymnastics, Mountain Climbing, Fencing, Handball, Judo, Karate- Do, Ski, Cricket, Rowing and Water Sports, Table Tennis, Archery, Orientring, Chess, Underwater Hockey, Water Polo, Taekwon-Do, Triathlon, Swimming Teams were established after 1980.

Since the Academic Year 2013 - 2014, METU participated in Unilig and University Sports Activities with one of the highest number of different branches among all the universities in Turkey. This participation diversity continues and increases every year. The reason why we encourage participation in such activities is to offer a sports platform to our students as well as a nice social environment and to help them live their university lives to the fullest.

Teams under the Office of Sports

    American Football Team (Mens) >>> Web
    Badminton Team (Men’s-Womens)
    Basketball Team (Mens-Womens) >>> Web

    Bicycle Team >>> Web

    Ice Hockey Team>>> Web
    Mountain Climbing Team (Mens-Womens)

    Fencing Team (Mens-Womens)>>>Web

    Football Team (Mens)

    Futsal Team (Mens-Womens)
    Wrestling Team (Mens)
    Handball Team (Men’s-Womens)
    Gymnastics Team (Mens-Womens)

    Judo Team (Mens-Womens)

    Karate-Do Team (Mens-Womens) >>> Web

    Skiing Team (Mens-Womens)

    Cricket Team (Mens)
    Korfball Team (Mens-Womens)
    Rowing and Water Sports Team (Mens-Womens) >>> Web

    Karting Team >>> Web

    Table Tennis Team (Womens-Mens)

    Archery Team (Mens-Womens)>>>Web

    Orienteering Team (Mens-Womens)>>>Web

    Rugby Team (Mens-Womens) >>> Web
    Chess Team (Men’s-Womens)

    Sayokan >>> Web

    Free Diving>>> Web

    Underwater Hockey Team (Men’s-Womens) >>> Web
    Underwater Ragby>>> Web
    Water Polo Team (Mens)
    Taekwon-Do Team (Mens-Womens) >>> Web

    Tennis Team (Men’s-Womens)
    Ultimate Frisbee Team (Mens-Womens)
    Volleyball Team (Mens-Womens)

    Sailing Team (Mens-Womens)
    Swimming Team (Mens-Womens)

How to Join Sports Teams?

To join our sports teams in METU, you must first reach the coach/advisor of the team you want to join from the link below and then you should participate in the trainings. As an alternative, selections for sports teams are made in some branches at the beginning of every academic year, announcements for these selections are made in the sports hall through posters or on the web site. Coaches/advisors decide whether you are picked for the team or not.